About Us

Welcome! My name is Pierre Penninkhof, and I am the founder of Your Best Friend's Distributing. I grew a passion for pets'  the day our family got our first dog, and in turn have been benefiting pets and their owners for over 12 years. When searching for the right food for our first dog,  I discovered the unfortunate truth that many companies in the pet food and dietary supplement industry were producing and selling garbage. They were not bothering to reformulate their products to include and make available ingredients that had the latest in scientific research findings. In essence these established pet food and dietary supplement makers / suppliers were happy to just continue to make and market pet products that had old discredited and ineffective ingredients because they could make more money than using modern more costly however far more effective ingredients.  This motivated me to create my own healthy pet food and supplements. I wanted to be able to know I was feeding my pets the healthiest possible diet. With mass amounts of research, I have combined natural ingredients to increase your pets’ health and longevity to help pet parents have pets in excellent health and living happy full natural lives.

                                                  Our Mission

At Your Best Friend's we are dedicated to helping you keep your pet family members in excellent health, full of vitality and living a happy long natural life span.

Our Mission is to effectively prevent your pet family members from suffering from the following common conditions:

Dry itchy skin and dull shedding coat problems
Cartilage, hip and joint degeneration, joint pain and limited mobility problems
Digestive problems, bloating, bad breath, foul smelling flatulence and feces
Premature aging

By using evidence based ingredients to make natural holistic pet dietary food and supplements, we help keep your pets in excellent health, so they can live a long and happy life!

Our products benefit both pets and owners!  As all pet owners know, vet bills can get outrageously expensive. Using our products will result in less visits to the vet, which will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Let YBF be thy medicine!

Many pet foods are produced with high temperature and grain containing processed pet foods that do not contain all of the nutrients and “Natural Health Factors” needed for our pets to have a maximum level of health and have a happy long natural lifespan. Unlike other pet food and supplements, our products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality through evidence based research.

Family members and pet loving friendly staff are involved in this small family based business.